Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc.

Tarboro, North Carolina

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Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc. was created on Friday 31st March 1995 and registered by North Carolina State Company Registry under state number 0365877. Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc. is currently Current-active. This company type is Business Corporation.


Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc. main address is 1600 Canterbury Rd Tarboro, NC 27886. We haven't found other companies at this address.


Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc. agent is Evans, C Wayne. This person is appointed as agent in 1 companies : Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc..

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C. Wayne EvansVice President1600 Canterbury Rd Tarboro NC 27886-3344Officer
Frederick L EvansSecretary1363 NC 122 South Tarboro NC 27886Officer
Jamie R EvansPresident10390 Us 258 Tarboro NC 27886Officer

Key Data

Entity TitleCale Town Trailer Park, Inc.
Company Id0365877
Start Date31 March 1995
Company Age 23 years, 4 months and 21 days
Company AgentEvans, C Wayne
Business CategoryBusiness Corporation
Fiscal MonthDecember
Annual Report StatusCurrent

Name History

Cale Town Trailer Park, Inc.Legal

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No Par ValueYes