Santa Ana, North Carolina

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BEHR PAINT CORP. was created on Wednesday 12th October 1994 and registered by North Carolina State Company Registry under state number 0354095. Behr Paint Corp. is currently Current-active. This company type is Business Corporation.


BEHR PAINT CORP. main address is 3400 W. Segerstrom Avenue Santa Ana, CA 92704-6405. We haven't found other companies at this address.


BEHR PAINT CORP. agent is CT Corporation System. This person is appointed as agent in 25326 companies (first 10): Hardin Investment Associates XI, Ltd., Pacific Cambridge Investors, a California Limited Partnership, Angeles Income Properties, Ltd. IV, P.a.D., Limited Partnership, Metroplex Communications Limited Partnership, Charlotte Realty Limited Partnership, Nss Carolinas, L. P., I.R.E. Real Estate Fund, Limited Partnership-series 25, Pinehurst, Limited, Freeman Diversified Real Estate IV, L.P..

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Kenneth G ColeSecretary21001 Van Born Road Taylor MI 48180Officer
Jeffrey D. FilleyPresident3400 W. Segerstrom Avenue Santa Ana CA 92704Officer
Lawrence F. LeamanVice President21001 Van Born Road Taylor MI 48180Officer
Jonathan M. SullivanVice President3400 W. Segerstrom Avenue Santa Ana CA 92704Officer
John G. SznewajsTreasurer21001 Van Born Road Taylor MI 48180Officer

Key Data

Company Id0354095
Start Date12 October 1994
Company Age 23 years, 10 months and 5 days
Company AgentCT Corporation System
Business CategoryBusiness Corporation
Fiscal MonthDecember
Annual Report StatusCurrent

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