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A L & C Associates, Inc. was created on Monday 31st March 1986 and registered by Connecticut State Company Registry under state number 0182069. A L & C Associates, Inc. is currently Forfeited. This company type is Stock.


A L & C Associates, Inc. main address is . We haven't found other companies at this address.


A L & C Associates, Inc. agent is David J. Markowitz, Esq.. This person is appointed as agent in 12 companies (first 10): A L & C Associates, Inc., B & R Parts, Incorporated, Riles Two Inc., Riley Rental Cars, Inc., Genesis Group Ltd., Wolcott Avenue Development Company, Mountain Crest Associates, Inc., Proteus Limited, Jenlor Financial Services, Inc., Discount Auto Parts Of Bloomfield-inc..

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Entity TitleA L & C Associates, Inc.
Entity TypeStock
Business StateDomestic/CT
State ID0182069
Business ConditionForfeited
Start DAte31 Mar 1986

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Company TitleChange TimeDocument
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IDDate FilledEffective DateType
2146931 Mar 198628 Nov 2016INCORPORATION
2147031 Mar 198628 Nov 2016ORG REPORT
2147106 Oct 198928 Nov 2016NOTICE
2147230 Mar 199028 Nov 2016FORFEITED