A M Data Services, Inc.


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A M Data Services, Inc. was created on Monday 20th July 1981 and registered by Connecticut State Company Registry under state number 0120617. A M Data Services, Inc. is currently Dissolved. This company type is Stock.


A M Data Services, Inc. main address is . We haven't found other companies at this address.


A M Data Services, Inc. agent is Steven A. Berman Esq. This person is appointed as agent in 11 companies (first 10): A M Data Services, Inc., Don's Service Center, Inc., Interiors By John, Inc., Robert James Allen, M.d., P.c., Unclaimed Freight Co. Inc., Compu-teach, Inc., Argyle Investments, Inc., Edward John Company. The, Blakeslee Concrete Crossties, Inc., Just Coffee, Inc..

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Entity TitleA M Data Services, Inc.
Entity TypeStock
Business StateDomestic/CT
State ID0120617
Business ConditionDissolved
Start DAte20 Jul 1981

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Company TitleChange TimeDocument
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IDDate FilledEffective DateType
3103528 Nov 201628 Nov 2016REPORT(1984)
3103220 Jul 198128 Nov 2016INCORPORATION
3103320 Jul 198128 Nov 2016ORG REPORT
3103419 Nov 198428 Nov 2016DISSOLUTION