Spark Interplanetary, LLC

Sioux Falls, Colorado

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Spark Interplanetary, Llc was created on Tuesday 18th October 2016 and registered by Colorado State Company Registry under state number 20161699759. Spark Interplanetary, Llc is currently Good Standing. This company type is DLLC (Limited Liability Company).


Spark Interplanetary, Llc main address is 3916 N. Potsdam Ave Pmb 299-049 SD 57104. We haven't found other companies at this address.


Spark Interplanetary, Llc agent is Peter C. Lemire. This person is appointed as agent in 10 companies : Spark Interplanetary, Llc, Consultiviti, Llc, Cybersec Center, Llc, EP 80517, Llc, Equipment Professor, Llc, Auto Glass Marketing Solutions, Inc., Runaway Mind Productions, Llc, Goforth Investigations, Llc, Steve Curtin, Llc, Leyendecker & Lemire, Llc.

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Key Data

Entity NameSpark Interplanetary, Llc
Entity TypeDLLC (Limited Liability Company)
Business ID20161699759
Business Condition Good Standing
Start Date 18 Oct 2016
Country United States

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